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Through our training, whether it is individual or group coaching, our goal is to always set you, our clients, up for long term success. What does that mean? It means that without your coach, you still know exactly how to train and eat to achieve the results you want. In order for that to happen, we can’t just train you. We have to teach you. To be educated is to be empowered. We want every person that works with Strong Not Sorry to walk away with more knowledge and more confidence. That is why we do what we do.


For those with goals, but limited equipment
Reveal your hard earned muscles
For those with goals, but limited equipment

Strong Not Sorry’s most popular program, but for those that are limited in equipment. All you need for this 12 week program is 2-3 pairs of dumbbells- I recommend a light, moderate, and heavy pair- as well as an adjustable bench.

The 12 weeks are broken into 3, 4 week cycles. You will see progress not only from week to week, but cycle to cycle as well. There will be a back/biceps day, chest/shoulders/triceps day, leg day, and 2 total body days per week.

Each exercise movement will be linked to a short demo video so that you can assess your own form. You also receive habit trackers, recipes, and a grocery list with the purchase of your program.


The Templated Strength Program is perfect for those that need a workout plan to follow, but still want some flexibility and choice when it comes to their training sessions.

It is a 4 week, 4 day split program with an optional 5th day. The program is yours to keep forever once you purchase. You can repeat the program as many times as you’d like with the same movements, or swap exercises out to keep things fresh! Each movement has a drop down menu of different exercises that you can choose from. So it is customizable for your equipment access and movement preferences! Sets & reps are listed. Each movement listed is selected intentionally by me so that the skeleton or bones of your program/workouts are efficient and effective. Equipment requirements: barbell, dumbbells, bench, squat rack, machines/cables (not required, but prefered).

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