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The Templated Strength Program is perfect for those that need a workout plan to follow, but still want some flexibility and choice when it comes to their training sessions.

It is a 4 week, 4 day split program with an optional 5th day. The program is yours to keep forever once you purchase. You can repeat the program as many times as you’d like with the same movements, or swap exercises out to keep things fresh! Each movement has a drop down menu of different exercises that you can choose from. So it is customizable for your equipment access and movement preferences! Sets & reps are listed. Each movement listed is selected intentionally by me so that the skeleton or bones of your program/workouts are efficient and effective. Equipment requirements: barbell, dumbbells, bench, squat rack, machines/cables (not required, but prefered).

3 reviews for The Templated Strength Program

  1. Jessica Byers

    I have absolutely loved using this program. The workouts, combined with someone holding me accountable to hit my target calories, have 100% helped me meet my goals. I have seen and am continuing to see results as far as my weight and overall appearance is concerned. After doing it for four weeks, I have now used the same template but am replacing and changing up some of the exercises, which the template allows you to do, and even offers multiple options in order to adapt it to what you need. I am so happy I reached out and tried it, and I look forward to continuing it!
    Jessica Byers

  2. Kailey Smith

    After completing a little over a month of the program, I have noticed a difference in my lifts and endurance. Repetition and Progressive Overload is where it is at! Also, the number of exercises/reps per day was perfect. I was able to complete my workout in about 1.5 hours, depending on my rest period between exercises. Especially on Day 5 “Muscle Cardio/Conditioning Full Body Focus”. The supersets really got my heart rate up. In short, I LOVED the Templated Strength Program! So much so that I have copied the template tab in Google Sheets and started a new month of workouts by utilizing the drop down feature and changing up the exercises. “Phase 2, Weeks 5-8” I’m coming for you!

  3. Morgan Hamilton

    Finished the four-week templated program, and I can absolutely tell a difference in strength! The difference in the amount of weight I was moving on the first day, compared to the last day, was amazing. Not only did I experience an increase in weights used in the movements across the four weeks, but I had an overall PR in my Back Squat and my Bench Press! I haven’t PR’d in either of those movements in years! The program itself was engaging, fun, and challenging. I’ve tried a lot of programs in the past, but always got bored with them, or they were too complicated to continue with, so I would just abandon them. With this program I was actually EXCITED to do it! It is so well balanced, and I can tell there was a lot of thought and care put into it. I’m absolutely planning on going through it again! I HIGHLY recommend this program for anyone who is looking to get stronger through the guidance of a smart, thorough, and intentional training plan that won’t bore you or take up your whole day. And just to highlight that last point, I’m a parent of a six-year-old, so free time, and time to train is super precious. This program would take me anywhere from 1-1.5 hours (depending on how many breaks I’d have to take to open snacks, help fix a toy, etc…), so it fit really well into my daily schedule, and is super doable for folks with young kiddos. 10/10

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