I started with Erin May 5th. I remember because I was SO ready to get healthy and feel good again, I just needed that structure and mental push. I started with at home workouts and once I had access to a gym, I began the one on one workouts!

They challenge me and are definitely “my style.” I love volume, I love lifting heavy, I love feeling strong, and I love feeling like I gave my all every workout. The TrueCoach app is so easy and helps you keep track of your workouts! You can add in the weights you did that day, add videos/pictures for progress and overall I believe it heavily contributed to my progress!

I’ve lost 15 pounds so far with Erin, but I’ve gained much much more confidence and overall physical/mental health.


I just wanted to say THANK YOU Erin!! You’ve changed my life for the better, you’re such an amazing role model I look up to. I would not be as strong, confident, or knowledgeable in fitness and nutrition if I never started doing training with you! I would have never even thought about working towards my own personal training certificate if it weren’t for you. You opened my mind to so many new possibilities and I wouldn’t be where I am today without you!


Before Evolve I would go in the gym for a few hours kind of just doing whatever I wanted, but this program has kept me on track and makes it so easy to see my progress each week. There’s no better feeling than seeing the weights and reps go up each week. I truly look forward to my workouts because it keeps me so motivated.


Having a background in exercise and years of exercise discipline, I felt like I was in a rut and had lost the spark of excitement I once had. I was exercising regularly prior to my partnership with SNS, but I had plateaued and was simply going through the motions. My nutrition had gone rogue and therefore, I wasn’t seeing results that got me excited. I found myself frustrated with my lack of progress and decided it was time to pick a goal and a coach to help get me there. It was clear that SNS was the right partnership for me when I felt heard, listened to and advocated for. I was welcomed as I was and for the goals that I had. I never once felt pushed to fit into a mold or pushed into an eating or exercise plan that I was uncomfortable with. To be known, seen, understood and heard was all I needed to feel to know that SNS was the right fit for me. Honestly, this partnership has given me so much freedom. Freedom to move at my own speed while feeling capable and confident in my training. I rely on Erin to help me navigate my training and competition schedule, along with helping me learn the best nutrition to fuel the plan. I feel like my efforts in and out of the gym are seen and celebrated. Having that support makes ALL the difference in when and how I show up! Knowing that I ‘know how to exercise’ – I was shocked how much more excitement I have over workouts that I am not programming myself! I particularly enjoy submitting my form videos and continuing to improve my craft in the gym. Getting notes and feedback on form has been a game changer! It’s been humbling at times, but I feel more equipped to be successful. I am truly thankful.

Alicia B.

I had been strength training for about 5-6 years before working with SNS. I had a number of different coaches before coming to Erin, each with different focuses, and really believe in the power of a good coach! In the summer of 2021, I just felt like I had lost my love and drive for lifting. Workouts started to feel mundane and like a chore, and I wasn’t as motivated as I had been in the past. I had always trained with the big 3 lifts and as a young trainer and lifter had dreamed about maybe powerlifting one day in a competition. I decided that now was as good a time as ever and that competition would give me more drive, and a goal to work towards to help motivate my training. Watching Erin’s powerlifting journey really inspired me! Being a coach, I can tell good coaches when I see them and I could tell at the time and can 100% vouch now that Erin cares so so much. She takes so much pride in her work as a coach and puts her absolute all into her clients. That’s all you can really ask for! Having powerlifting specific training and a coach to help me make sure I am pushing hard enough to improve while also regulating intensity, volume, and recovery has been the biggest game-changers. At the beginning of January 2022 we decided to more seriously keep track of how much food I was eating and my overall protein intake, and in 6 weeks (after having trained for 5-6 years) I put on 4 pounds of muscle and lost body fat. The gains I have made since working with Erin are insane, and I was 100% one of those people resigned to my genetics being not ideal for putting on muscle. My biggest surprise has been by far how much I have improved in strength since working with Erin and SNS. The goals I had set for myself at the beginning of this meet prep were WAY too low. Along the way when I doubted myself, Erin told me that I had no idea how strong I was and I honestly didn’t believe her at first. When you’ve been lifting for a while you can kinda get resigned to be at the numbers that you’re at, but holy smokes. Never in a million years did I think I would be squatting 225 or deadlifting over 300 at my first ever powerlifting meet!

natalie r.


Break through plateaus, learn the “why” behind your workouts, and set yourself up for long term success with Strong Not Sorry’s ongoing group training program, Evolve. Whether you’re crushing it in the gym or at home, you are surrounded by a community of like-minded individuals there to support and encourage you every step of the way.

Unique log-in for the TrueCoach app to track progress

Demo videos for every movement plus modifications and substitutions to choose from

Brand new workouts every 4 weeks for the gym or at home

Client only training and nutrition guides to go more into depth about your workouts and food.

Access to the closed Facebook group for support, Q&A’s, resources, recipes, and so much more

Access to client only resources such as form breakdown videos, FAQ document, powerlifting meet prep info, and more

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