Training, nutrition & education for women

looking to become their strongest self.

be strong, not sorry

Be strong, not sorry

If you’re ready to kick your excuses to the curb, break into your strength, and train with a purpose, our coaching is for you. Here at Strong Not Sorry we celebrate our strength, and we never apologize for that.


Leave the planning and programming up to us. With Evolve, you know that you are moving the needle forward towards your goals.

1:1 Remote Coaching

Tailored to your individual needs, lifestyle, and goals. Both 1:1 strength coaching and nutrition coaching available!

Dumbbell Only Strength Program

Strong Not Sorry’s most popular program for those that are limited in equipment. All you need for this 12 week program is 2-3 pairs of dumbbells.


i’m Erin

I live right outside of Charlotte, NC with my sweetface and our three fur babies. I’m a strength coach who’s dedicated to educating and empowering women that want more out of their training and nutrition.

SNS Strength: Dumbbells Only

Templated Strength Program

listen to

Meet Me @ the Bar(bell)

Join your host, Erin Taylor, competitive powerlifter, remote strength coach, and owner of Strong Not Sorry as she sits down with professionals in the field and has real and raw conversations about all things fitness, nutrition, and mindset.

12 weeks to a
stronger you
For those with goals, but limited equipment
Reveal your hard earned muscles

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How to Build the Skill of Macro Tracking

By: Bianca Herres, CPT   Fitness culture has been popularized for long enough now that most people can at least recognize the term ‘macros’. Understanding what it means, how to use macros, and the difference between dieting and tracking, however, takes much longer to discern.  The first big thing to

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You love to lift, but you also wouldn’t hate looking like you lift. You don’t have the time, energy, or desire to come up with your own workouts, but you know following a plan is the best path to progress. Enter Evolve, Strong Not Sorry’s ongoing group training program

Unique log-in for the TrueCoach app to track progress

Demo videos for every movement plus modifications and substitutions to choose from

Brand new workouts every 4 weeks for the gym or at home

Client only training and nutrition guides to go more into depth about your workouts and food.

Access to the closed Facebook group for support, Q&A’s, resources, recipes, and so much more

Access to client only resources such as form breakdown videos, FAQ document, powerlifting meet prep info, and more

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